Giving the Gift of a Better Night's Sleep

When is an air mattress more than just a piece of camping equipment?

Somewhere in your garage or basement is an unused air mattress. Maybe you used it a few times on camping trips with your family. Or it may have been used by a child who is grown and long gone from the home.

For some Muscatine residents, that air mattress could be what is needed to help keep them from sleeping on a floor.

It often happens that clients in the MCSA Homeless Prevention Program reach the point where they are ready to move into a new apartment or a house. With a bit of help, they have caught up on overdue utility bills, paid deposits and rent and moved into a new home they may not have enough furniture to fill. And a bed is a very important piece of furniture.

One of the ways Susan Day, the MCSA Homeless Prevention Program navigator, likes to at least temporarily help the graduates of her program is to give them an air mattress and a pump. It’s an economical way to give them something on which to sleep until they can save up enough money to buy their own beds. This idea has worked so well that Susan needs more air mattresses and pumps.

As we approach the holidays, if you are wondering how to help someone at MCSA in a beneficial way, this is something we are asking you to please consider. MCSA would gladly accept new twin- and full-sized air mattresses and pumps (and it’s important that each mattress comes with a pump.) Used mattresses and pumps also would be acceptable as long as they are in good condition.

For information, please call MCSA at (563) 264-3278 or send email to You may also find more information here about donated items that are needed at MCSA. And, as always, thank you so much to everyone for your support of MCSA and its programs.this is my second blog post

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