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MCSA Homeless Prevention Program

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2023 Stats

Assisted 505 households

592 Children were able to remain or become stably housed

677 Adults were able to avoid an episode of homelessness

At this time, due to the high needs of people in the community we are having clients fill out an application at to get started with the assistance process. After you fill out the application you will be contacted by a staff member to complete the next steps. This does not guarantee assistance. Assistance is need based, and those with a highest needs are put at the top of the Coordinated Entry list. Coordinated Entry (CE) is the process used to standardize the way individuals and families at risk of homelessness or experiencing homelessness are assessed for and referred to the correct housing services that they need for housing stability. Once you are at the top of the Coordinated Entry/waiting list you will be contacted to assess your needs at that time and assistance may or may not be issued.

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