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Nearing Homelessness?

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What Resources

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HOUSING options?

There are times when it may get difficult to maintain your current housing due to unexpected financial pressures or changes in circumstances.  MCSA offers a Homeless Prevention Navigator to assist individuals and families, during these times, in working to maintain your current home or identifying safe and healthy alternatives.


The advocate may offer assistance in:  


  • Identifying available financial resources for rental arrear, utility arrears, moving costs and more.


  • Identifying additional housing options.


  • Mediation with landlords and utility providers.



A referral from the City of Muscatine, Muscatine County Community Services, or Community Action may be requested.  


To set- up an appointment, please call 563-264-3278, 563-316-8453 or email Mya Ribbink at




MCSA also offers short-term housing options.  Learn more...


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