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Domestic VIOLENCE Shelter

The Shelter location is undisclosed to provide greater security for its residents. It is equipped with a comprehensive security system and measures to provide a safe refuge for women and their children fleeing domestic violence.


The Shelter setting promotes healing and change. Trained staff are on-site 24 hours a day to provide direction, support, and resources for each family member's needs. 

The Shelter provides a warm home-style living setting. Bedrooms are assigned and include all bedding and pillows. Guests share living, full kitchen, bathroom spaces, and laundry. The Shelter provides plenty of room for children to play and family space.


For those fleeing - food, clothing, and toys will be be made immediately available.


Contact the Domestic Violence Shelter 24 hours a day at at 563-264-3278 or call the CRISIS Line is 563-263-8080.


New Beginnings Fundraiser
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