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Housing Options

There are times that, for various reasons, people need an opportunity to live at no cost or nominal cost to recover financially and re-establish independent living. MCSA provides a home and direction during that time.
Emergency Family and Single Women's Housing
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The Family & Individual Housing Units provide a secure living space for families with children and single women.


Eight private rooms are available, and accommodations can be made for any size family. Each unit includes beds, bedding, pillows, towels, and basic supplies. Additional beds or cribs are available as needed. 


The units share a large open living space, kitchenette, bathroom, and laundry.

Space is always available for those in Muscatine County who need a place to stay.





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Emergency Men's Housing

Overnight housing is available for single men. At 9:00 p.m. each evening, our gymnasium converts into a sleeping space. The gym can accommodate up to 45 men, but solutions can be made if we have more than 45.  


Guests have a designated space within the gym, a mattress, bedding and pillows, towels, and basic supplies. A locker and tub are also assigned for storage of personal items.


Overnight housing guests share a day room, bathroom, and laundry.


Hours for rest are 10:00 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. Other sleeping hours may be arranged for those working nights.


This short-term overnight shelter is designed to help guests transition into on-site apartment living while securing an income source.

The following is available to guests of MCSA:


  • 24-hour staffing assistance

  • Food, clothing, and other basic need items

  • Educational opportunities and support programs

  • Gymnasium access

  • Computer access


Check-in for Overnight Housing is available:


  • Daily from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm

  • Identification will be requested at the time of check-in

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Apartment Rentals Also Available - See Apartment Rentals Tab

MCSA offers other rentals - click on the Apartment Rentals tab in the Services drop-down menu.

Family Shelter
Overnight Shelter
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